Hosting RPGs

Some of you may be wondering about the other meaning of the acronym RPG, and yes, I do provide free hosting for those type of RPGs, unfortunately, I only provide it for people I consider friends. The account comes with a database, FTP, at least 1 Email address and PHPMyAdmin Access. If you know me and would like to get in on this, use the contact form to send me a note telling me what you want for a subdomain (something.rpgs-r.us) and what software you want to use for your site, as well as a contact email that you can be reached at. If you want a fully qualified domain (yourdomain.com), I can work out a deal with you to get you your domain fairly cheap.

I'm not doing RPG Hosting to make money, all I ask is that you put a link back to me in your site credits.

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